Thyroid Health

Last week I wrote an article on how hypothyroidism can be directly caused by depleted adrenal glands. We looked at causative factors such as:

  • Toxicity such as mercury and fluoride
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Elevated Cortisol and CRH due to stress

How Do You Know if You Have a Possible Thyroid/Adrenal Issues?

  • Weight Issues: Either Difficulty Losing or Gaining Weight
  • Abdominal Weight Gain
  • Low Body Temperature
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Hypoglycemic –Like Reactions
  • Chronic Exhaustion
  • Sensitive to Bright Lights
  • Abnormal Pulse Rates
  • Hot or Cold Flashes

What Should I Do if I Suspect I Have an Adrenal/Thyroid Issue?

Many cases of hypothyroidism are directly caused by depleted adrenal function. Thyroid and Adrenal function can be greatly improved through:

  • First Identifying the Stage of Adrenal Fatigue Through Hormone Tests
  • Rebuilding the Thyroid/Adrenals with a diet that is taiolered to your individual metabolic needs
  • Rebuilding the Thyroid/Adrenals with Nutritional Supplements

Rebuilding Hormone Pathways with Bio-Identical Hormones

The level of adrenal fatigue that you have is determined by the sum cortisol levels. Other important hormones that are tested are: DHEA, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estradiol, Estriol, Melatonin.

Once we can identify specific imbalances from your hormone levels, we set up a nutritional balancing program that is tailored to you.

Rebuilding Thyroid/Adrenal Function

By using Metabolic Type Nutriton, nutritional supplementation and bio-identical hormones, adrenal and hormone functioning can be restored. By normalizing hormone pathways, the adrenals and thyroid can work as they are supposed to, in a harmonious way.

Stopping Causation is the Best Prevention

Toxic heavy metals such as mercury from ‘silver amalgam dental fillings’ can cause tremendous havoc on the adrenals and the endocrine system. Mercury is a known adrenal disruptor. According to Michael Lam, M.D., M.P.H., A.B.A.A.M:

“Mercury causes a defect in adrenal steroid biosynthesis by inhibiting the activity of 21a-hydroxylase. The consequences of this inhibition include lowered plasma levels of corticosterone and elevated concentrations of progesterone and (DHEA).

"The inhibition of the 21-hydroxylase system may be the mechanism behind the mercury-induced adrenal hyperplasia. Adrenal hyperplasia can stress the adrenal glands by their accelerated activity to produce steroids to the point that production begins to diminish and the glands will atrophy. The result is a subnormal production of corticosteroids. Both lead and mercury can precipitate pathophysiological changes along the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and gonadal axis that may seriously affect reproductive function, organs, and tissues.”

If you Have Mercury Dental Fillings

If you have mercury-containing dental fillings, you should have them removed and replaced. However, even more importantly, your health status needs to be upgraded. I have seen too frequently that removing amalgams too quickly before a person is ready can create havoc.

A person’s biological functions need to be improved first. Always assess your Metabolic Type and eat accordingly. This will enhance your body’s metabolic functions as well as improve organ function and normal, detoxification processes. Removing amalgam can cause mercury ions to be released into the body.

Therefore, once your health is more stable, then see a highly qualified biological dentist who is skilled at proper amalgam removal.

Nutrition for Prevention & Correction

Your type of metabolism is the dominant factor that will determine the most essential foods and nutrients for you. If you do not know your Metabolic Type, click HERE.
Your Metabolic Type Nutrition identifies and corrects your primary:

  • Metabolic Imbalances
  • Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous System weaknesses
  • Imbalances within Cellular Metabolic Function

Your Metabolic Type appropriate nutrition program is the foundation for how you will heal and repair thyroid function, adrenal function and Autonomic Nervous System activity. It is important to realize that the Autonomic Nervous System heavily influences adrenal and thyroid function.

Restoring and Rebuilding Adrenal Function

In order for the thyroid and endocrine system to work properly, the functioning of the adrenal glands needs to be optimized. As we learned last week, optimizing cortisol and DHEA (2 major hormones secreted by the adrenals) are critical for normal thyroid function.

A Nutritional Balancing program Involves:

  • Tailoring nutrients, herbs and supplements for you unique body chemistry
  • Tailoring Bio-Identical hormones to your level of adrenal fatigue and to your body chemistry
  • Supplementing and tailoring a broad spectrum of foods, nutrients and lifestyle factors to your body’s needs

If you would like to speak with Michael and Julie regarding your health & nutrition needs, or to schedule a private consultation, please contact us here.