The Putrid Truth About Pasteurized & Homogenized Dairy

Every since Louis Pastuer’s fictitious ‘Germ Theory of Disease’, western culture has become terrified of germs and bacteria. Modern medicine is still based upon this outdated, incomplete and unproven theory. Many of Pasteur’s contemporary opponents such as Antoine Bechamp disproved Pasteur’s theories about the nature of disease and the role of germs.Because of the adaptation of Pasteur’s germ theory, the dairy industry has been destroying one of nature’s purest and most nutrient dense foods for several decades: raw milk.

The Major Problems with Pasteurized Dairy

Pasteurization destroys nutrients such as Vitamins B-12, B-6, C, A, beneficial bacteria, as well as denatures delicate milk proteins and vital enzymes. Because of the denaturization of proteins and the destruction of enzymes, pasteurized dairy promotes the growth of pathogens and potentially harmful bacteria. These same bacteria are not harmful in raw milk. Calves fed pasteurized dairy develop very poorly and often die before maturity. In humans, pasteurized dairy is a DIRECT CAUSE of sinus and respiratory infections, tooth decay, allergies, colic in infants, stunted growth, intestinal and digestive issues, leaky gut, heart disease and osteoporosis. Because pasteurized dairy lacks enzyme activity, it turns putrid rather than sour. Processors must remove pus through a process called centrifugal clarification.

Modern pasteurization methods called ‘ultra pasteurization’ are an even more virulent form of pasteurization. This process heats milk to temperatures of 180F, preserving shelf life and destroying nutrients in greater amounts.


Homogenization has been called “the worst thing dairymen have done to milk.” Homogenization filters and presses milk fats at 4,000 pounds per square inch, which causes a reduction of size of fat globules. This process oxidizes milk fats making them carcinogenic and toxic to the body.

Homogenization causes a release of an enzyme, Xanthine Oxidase, which is harmful once artificially broken down into a smaller state. Xanthine Oxidase has been shown to adhere to arterial walls and is identified as causative in heart disease.

Because raw milk proteins are digested in the presence of milk enzymes, the process of pasteurization and homogenization destroys these natural biological processes. The human digestive tract often recognizes these damaged milk proteins as antigens and the body may mount an immune response. This is a primary reason why pasteurized dairy is associated with mucous production, leaky gut, allergies and autoimmune processes.

Organic Raw Dairy: One of Nature’s Purest Foods

Raw dairy from a healthy, ruminant animal on the other hand is a completely different food. Like all milk from a healthy mammal, raw dairy yields a tremendous amount of life supporting nutrients, enzymes and beneficial, immune building bacteria.

Raw milk is one of the richest sources of lactobacillus acidopholous, the most abundant native bacteria in the human gastro-intestinal tract. Raw milk is a perfect food, containing a full spectrum of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Raw milk is also a tremendous source of Vitamin A, B-12, Folate, B-6 and even Vitamin C.

The Healthiest Cultures in History Consumed Raw Milk, Not Pasteurized Milk

The need for pasteurization is outdated. It was originally implemented to combat unsanitary and poor farming practices of early 20th century dairies. If federal government agencies such as the FDA properly regulated the dairy industry, the need for pasteurization would end. The truth is that the healthiest cultures to have walked the earth consumed raw dairy.

Hippocrates and Galen, 2 ancient fathers of medicine used raw milk as an effective treatment for diseases, including diabetes. Historians date human consumption of dairy back 30,000 years. Raw dairy was used in the 1920’s to cure tuberculosis, kidney disease, prostate disease, chronic fatigue and obesity.

Because of the enormous economic power of big commercial dairies, raw dairy is illegal for commercial sale in most U.S. states. Sadly, government agencies such as the FDA have been conducting violent raids of raw dairy producers, including small, Amish farms. Many of these raids occur with agents drawing guns and confiscating the products. The only way this ignorance will stop is by people demanding raw dairy and refusing to purchase the imitation. Please write to your congressmen and women and tell them to support the sale of healthy, raw dairy in your state.

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