Thyroid Health

Last week I wrote an article on how hypothyroidism can be directly caused by depleted adrenal glands. We looked at causative factors such as: Toxicity such as mercury and fluoride Nutritional Deficiencies Elevated Cortisol and CRH due to stress How Do You Know if You Have a Possible Thyroid/Adrenal Issues? Weight Issues: Either Difficulty Losing

Secrets Of Blood Chemistry Analysis (part 4 of 4): Adrenal Balance

Its adrenal time. The amount of demand placed upon the adrenal glands due to modern day stress factors is immense and unprecedented. Stress can be identified as having both internal and external origins. Adrenal stress can result in symptoms such as exhaustion, chronic fatigue, insomnia, sleep disturbances, poor immunity, thyroid issues, metabolic dysfunction and other

Secrets Of Blood Chemistry Analysis: Integrating Effective Nutrition By Becoming Your Own Health Detective (part 2 of 4)

Last week we covered glucose factors, as well as the importance of interpreting blood chemistry functionally, rather than pathologically. We also discussed the topic of laboratory reference ranges being statistical averages, rather than being reflective of normal or healthy values. To briefly review, the 3 quadrants of blood chemistry analysis includes:   Identifying Function/Self Assessment Subjective