CYP21a2, RCCX & Adrenal Function: A Completely Different Perspective

The label “adrenal fatigue” has been debated and deconstructed, endlessly for decades. Adrenal fatigue, or adrenal burnout is a term used by alternative healthcare practitioners as an attempt to make sense of an array of symptoms pertaining to fatigue, exhaustion, and everything that is associated with those symptoms. Practitioners utilize various cortisol hormone tests, as

Herbal Medicine, Adrenals & Beyond: Powerful Effects For Healing

Traditional herbal medicines provide tremendous therapeutic benefits for issues related to adrenal stress, high and low cortisol, nervous system imbalances and depression. While there are a plethora of herbs used, some of the most common, therapeutic herbs in these regards are: ashwagandha, licorice, eleuthero and Korean ginseng. When it comes to herbal medicine, quality is

Electrolytes & The Adrenals

Adrenal fatigue has become a standardized term in the alternative health world. And with good reason too. Excess adrenal output and diminished adrenal output can both be primary issues that can derail a person’s health. I have seen the benefit of taking adrenal glandular extracts, nutritional supplements that inhibit or increase sympathetic nervous system output,