MTHFR, Methylation, & Biochemistry Master Course – 2

On Sale for a limited time! Keep reading to find out more.

On Sale for a limited time! Keep reading to find out more.

Give your clinical practice a major upgrade.

Master Genetics and Methylation With Your Client Cases

Shatter the Myths
Cut through the confusion and learn what a genetic test CAN and CAN'T be used for.

Look Deeper
Become a CLINICAL INVESTIGATOR and learn to discover the root causes of your client's issues.

Get Results
Learn to incorporate multiple clinical tests to develop evidence-based nutritional protocols.


The MTHFR, Methylation, & Biochemistry


The Premier Genetics and Methylation Course

For Clinical Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Practitioners, & Alternative Health Professionals

  • 3 Course Modules
  • 14 Hours of Streaming Video
  • 'Clinical Toolkit' Bonuses

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This course is getting high-praise from the biggest names in nutrition

After 15 years in the nutrition field, I see the one constant is that there is always more to learn. With his course, Michael has opened the doorway to a new level of clinical practice and understanding that was previously unavailable. Register now and you'll immediately see what I mean, as well as how dedicated Michael is to thorough research and honest, accurate reporting. I enthusiastically support Michael's undertaking and expect he will emerge as a real leader in nutrition education. With this course he is well on his way.
Reed Davis
Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)
The future of medicine is here today! Very soon every patient will be asking you about genetic testing. Are you prepared to give them an answer? More importantly, are you prepared to put genetic testing to simple, easy and effective clinical use? No other course in the world to date can explain what it is, how it works, why it is important and most importantly, give you a system for easy implementation into your practice.
W.L. Wolcott
CEO Healthexcel Metabolic Typing®, Author, The Metabolic Typing® Diet (Doubleday, 2000).
I thought I was well on my way working with clients with chronic, unresolved health conditions. After 6 years at university studying human biology, that included genetics and biochemistry, this course has just shown me what I didn't know, forgotten I knew and a structure for to how to find it out. This course has been a huge step forward in how I can drill down to the exact crux of what I need to focus on when rebuilding my clients health. The amount of detailed information, how well it is presented and the clear, scientific rationale for investigating root cause of your client's complaints is invaluable. If you work with clients suffering from mood, behavior, inflammatory and detoxification issues you need to seriously consider this course.
Stephen Duncan, MSc, CMTA2, FDN

Meet Your Instructor

Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA and Founder of Metabolic Healing

I created the The MTHFR, Methylation, & Biochemistry MASTER COURSE out of a necessity to provide my clients with a fair and truthful analysis of genetics and methylation.  

As a clinician and researcher who works with a large volume of clients nationally and internationally, I receive a significant number of inquiries regarding genetics and methylation. I find that today more than ever, there is a growing interest and desire to understand the role of genetics and methylation in health and illness.

However, these areas of research can be extraordinarily complex. So I created this course to distill and simplify many of the essential core principles of genetics and methylation, functional biochemistry, and how they relate to diet, toxicity and nutrition.

This presentation is based upon hundreds of hours of research of the scientific literature, as well as my own evidence-based, empirical observations from my nutritional consulting practice.

I am certain you will appreciate the depth of knowledge contained in this course and see the immediate benefits it will have on your clinical practice.

Take a look inside


Module 1

Understanding MTHFR Genetics and Methylation

The premier course for clinicians, health care practitioners, & nutritionists who want to stay on the cutting-edge of 21st century nutrition and healthcare by integrating genetic testing into their practice.

  • The real benefits and uses of genetic tests in your practice
  • How to incorporate genetic tests with other functional lab tests
  • Clear and concise breakdown the MTHFR gene mutation
  • Uncovering and understanding the methylation cycle
  • How to develop practical and functional nutritional therapies

Want to know more? Click on the 3 sections below

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Methylation
Section 3Testing & Nutritional Protocols

Praise from the Medical Community

"From my perspective as an integrative psychologist, this has been the most helpful functional medicine class I have taken to date (this is after taking classes and workshops for the last 10 years). Michael explains very complex material an easy to understand and sensible manner. But, more than anything else, he describes how inexpensive blood chemistry and a small number of very targeted metabolic tests can be used to identify key nutrient imbalances that dramatically affect mental health symptoms and provides exact protocols to correct these imbalances."
Dr. Josh Friedman, Integrative Psychologist
Integrative Psychotherapy of Omaha

Understanding MTHFR Genetics & Methylation is an up-to-date, cutting edge, science-based course that helps you understand genetic testing in general, and methylation related genes in particular.

You'll gain knowledge and understanding of how to use the results of gene testing, the clinical picture and blood chemistry imbalances, in order to build a protocol, re-establish homeostasis and support the systems of the body to stay healthy.

After finishing the course you will have a better understanding of how genetic testing can be used as an additional tool in the detective work of a clinician.

Anne Liljedahl, MD
Resident in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine

Having a solid base of biochemistry is an absolute must for any holistic practitioner to achieve mastery in the level of patient investigation and care. This course is an amazing blueprint for holistic practitioners to get deeply familiar with methylation and nutritional biochemistry in general. I believe this area will become more and more important as toxicity in the world becomes more and more severe. Therefore this course is a must for moving forward as a holistic practitioner in the 21st century.

Sandeep Gupta, MD
Lotus Holistic Medicine

Module 2

Implementing Methylation and Biochemistry-Specific Nutrition

All the information in the world is useless if you can't apply it in your day to day healthcare practice. That's why in Module 2, I will help you put your new knowledge into practice.

In this video series, I lay out a systematic, step-by-step approach to integrate 21st century clinical nutrition into your practice. This includes the correct evaluation of functional lab tests, the possible use of genetic testing to guide you, as well as simple formulas for developing effective biochemistry-specific nutritional therapies.

The information in this series will elevate your value as a practitioner and get the results you've been looking for in your business. 

In this series:

  • We will define the 3 client types
  • Clarify the appropriate functional lab testing for specific scenarios
  • Define the 10 critical nutrient groups
  • And give you a highly efficient client management system that you can use right away

Section 121st Century Nutrition
Section 2Nutrient Analysis
Section 3Client Management
Section 4Case Studies

Listen to what other practitioners are saying

Michael McEvoy's Genetics and Methylation training program is a must for any clinical health care practitioner who wants to provide their patients or clients with the most comprehensive, deepest and most effective nutrition-based programs to address chronic health conditions.

James Jordan, CNC

Michael's videos about MTHFR are an excellent resource for those who would like to understand methylation processes and gene alleles without being bored to tears or totally confused. Michael not only simplifies this complex topic very nicely, but pulls together a lot of loose ends that one will encounter if trying to learn about MTHFR from the various writings on this subject.

He also presents cases to demonstrate how essential understanding methylation is for all practitioners, and how compensating for faulty genes can be dealt with using simple and manageable strategies. I most highly recommend his videos to anyone.

David Vaughan, CN
CEO FoodPharmacy® Software

Module 3

Estrogen Metabolism & Methylation

Abnormal estrogen metabolism and abnormal methylation have been understood as hallmark features of certain cancers for decades. Many of the genetic mechanisms that link abnormal estrogen and sub-optimal methylation are now understood. Not only that, but we can use individualized nutrigenomics therapies RIGHT NOW to offset these genetic variations that cause problematic estrogen metabolism.

In this Module you will learn:

  • Steroidal Hormone Biochemistry: Analysis of Androgenic and Estrogenic Pathways
  • Hydroxy Estrogens: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • Major Gene SNP's Affecting Estrogen Metabolism: Aromatase, Hydroxylation, Methylation, Glutathione Transferase
  • Cancer & Environmental Chemical Acceleration of Estrogen Hydroxylation
  • DNA Stabilization
  • Quinones & Glutathione Detoxification
  • Pairing 23andme Estrogen Genetics Analysis with Urinary Hormone Testing
  • Implementing Biochemical-Specific Nutrient Therapies
Section 1Estrogen: Clinical Concerns
Section 2The Genetics & Biochemistry of Estrogen Metabolism
Section 3Nutritional Influences on Estrogen Metabolism
Section 4Case Studies

More great feedback

The Implementing Methylation & Biochemistry Specific Nutrition course is fantastic. I couldn't stop listening. Michael organized the course very well and explained every detail. I now know which tests to run and how to create a protocol for my clients that will help them tremendously.
Linda Wilbert-Stewart

Michael McEvoy puts genetic testing and methylation into a reasonable perspective. He will walk you through the processes in this clear, systematic and eloquent presentation.

Eva Twardokens
Two-time US Alpine Skiing Olympian

Plus, you get the Clinical Toolkit


Clinical Genetics & Methylation Quick Reference Guide

This Quick Reference Guide is a phenomenal complimentary tool to your video presentation. It is an excellent resource guide to enable you to learn the finer points of methylation enzymes and what nutrients promote their function. Additionally your QRG will feature an entire section on the most essential  laboratory tests for assessing methylation from a functional, biochemical perspective.This includes:

  • Urinary organic acids test
  • Blood chemistry markers
  • Plasma amino acids

Bi-Monthly Support Webinars

When you purchase this course you will receive exclusive access to our bi-monthly Master Course Support Webinars hosted by Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA. These live webinars are an incredible resource for your clinical practice. During the webinar Michael will:

  • Examine real case studies utilizing the Master Course client management system so you can can see it in action.
  • Conduct a live Q&A session so you can have your difficult questions answered definitively
  • Interview top practitioners and share new clinical toolsets

Plus, you will receive access to  Video Archive containing the entire collection of support video calls. Over 30 hours of archived video case studies available.

A Direct Healthcare Wholesale Account

When you purchase, you will be eligible for a wholesale testing account with Direct Healthcare Labs. Direct Healthcare conveniently houses MDs on staff so you do not need to be licensed MD to order functional tests for your clients.

With this account you can order a variety of lab tests at a wholesale cost and resell them to your clients.

Tests available to order:

  • Blood chemistry: Comprehensive wellness profile
    • Comprehensive metabolic panel
    • CBC
    • Lipid panel
    • Additional: Iron, GGT
  • Histamine, Whole Blood
  • Zinc/Copper, serum
  • Thyroid panel: TSH, FT3, FT4, TT4
  • TPO Ab
  • Serum B-12
  • Serum Folate
  • Plasma Ammonia
  • Homocysteine
  • Ferritin, TIBC, Iron
  • Urinary Pyrroles
  • Genova Organix OAT
  • Great Plains OAT
  • Biohealth 401H Comprehensive Stool pathogens w/ H pylori

*Available for US and UK practitioners. DHC currently does not offer services in Canada.

An Invitation to our Private VIP Facebook Forum

Facebook forum to allow you to interact with your fellow students and professional peers.

This is an exclusive group for Metabolic Healing Course students to network, ask and answer questions about the coursework and case studies, and discuss your experiences with the course and your practice.


One Free Blood Chemistry Analyzer Report

Get a free test drive of our proprietary Blood Chemistry Analysis Reporting System.

  • Effortlessly performs complex pattern analysis algorithms to discover and prioritize physiological imbalances
  • Automatically generates meaningful nutritional protocols, through the use of foods, vitamins, minerals and botanicals
  • Helps clinicians develop a deeper understanding of blood chemistry analysis with detailed descriptions and explanations in each report
  • And best of all, it does this with no speadsheets!
  • A $29 dollar value

One Free Nutrigenomics Report

The Metabolic Healing Nutrigenomics Report provides a convenient & user friendly 23andMe raw data genetics analysis. This easy to navigate reports contains descriptions for each gene that is analyzed as well as over 250 genetic SNPs (singular nucleotide polymorphisms).

The report enables you to understand the status of certain influential genes such as MTHFR, CBS, DAO and provides active links to research-oriented websites for further research.

This course is eligible for Continuing Education (CE) credits though the C.H.E.K. Institute and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)


What you'll get:

Module 1 - 6 Videos - 3.5 Hours

Module 3 - 8 Videos - 6 Hours

Module 3 - 6 Lessons - 4.5 Hours
PDF Quick Reference Guide

Bi-Monthly Support Webinars

Access to VIP Facebook Forum
Wholesale Lab Testing Account
Certificate Validating Your Completion

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All three modules and Clinical Toolkit Bonuses

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