Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Learn the Ins and Outs of Blood Chemistry Analysis


Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis

An in-depth training course for health professionals

In this course, we will dive DEEP into:

  • Liver function: Detoxification physiology, individual markers, patterns & therapeutic protocols
  • Kidney function: Acid/base regulation, nitric oxide, patterns, individual markers & therapeutic protocols
  • Hydration & Electrolytes: Charge dynamics, individual markers, & therapeutic protocols
  • Thyroid: HPT axis physiology, individual markers, patterns & protocols
  • Blood sugar handling: intracellular & extracellular dynamics, individual markers, patterns & protocols
  • Immune activities : Exploring CBC & differential, microbial defense, individual markers, patterns & protocols
  • Lipids: Individual markers, patterns & protocols
  • RBC indices: Individual markers, patterns & morphologies
  • Nutrient Markers: B-12, Folate, B-6, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, Iron, Protein, Vitamin D
  • Additional Markers & Discussions: Methylation, Inflammation, CRP, homocysteine
  • Case Studies & Dozens of Sample Blood Tests to learn from

Tests & markers discussed in this course

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Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Uric acid
Total Protein
ALP (alkaline phosphatase)
Total Bilirubin
Serum Iron

Lipid Panel

Total Cholesterol

Complete Blood Count (CBC)


Thyroid Panel

Total T4
Total T3
Free T4
Free T3
Antibodies: TPO, Thyroglobulin


Serum B-12
Serum MMA
Serum Folate
RBC Folate
RBC Magnesium
Plasma Zinc
Serum Copper

Expanded Blood Lipids

Lipoprotein A
Apoliopoprotein A & B
Oxidized LDL
Small dense LDL

Special Inflammatory Markers

CRP (C-reactive protein)
Whole blood histamine
ANA w/reflex (anti nuclear antibody)
TGFß-1 (transforming growth factor beta 1)
MMP-9 (metalloproteinase 9)
VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor)
C4a (Complement C4a)
EBV Ab (Epstein barr virus antibody)

Hormone Balance

Estradiol Free & Total
Testosterone Free & Total
SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin)
MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone)

Inside the course

Unit 1

During unit 1 we will cover:

  • Introduction
  • Blood Sugar Handling
  • Electrolyte Balance & Hydration
  • Liver Function
  • Kidney Function

Unit 2

During unit 2 we will cover:

  • Thyroid Axis Function
  • Immune System Activity
  • Red Blood Cell Indices & Morphologies
  • Nutrient Imbalances

Unit 3

During unit 3 we will cover:

  • Inflammatory Markers
  • Hormone-Related Markers
  • Case Studies

Plus, you'll get unlimited access to

Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis Flash Cards

The BEST way to memorize individual markers & their function is with FlashCards. We have created an online, interactive flash card deck for you to help you retain the most pertinent information form the course.

A Direct Healthcare Wholesale Account

When you purchase, you will be eligible for a wholesale testing account with Direct Healthcare Labs. Direct Healthcare conveniently houses MDs on staff so you are able to order functional tests for your clients without any specific licensure. 

With this account you can order a variety of lab tests at a wholesale cost and resell them to your clients at a retail price.

Tests available to order:

  • Blood chemistry: Comprehensive wellness profile
    • Comprehensive metabolic panel
    • CBC
    • Lipid panel
    • Additional: Iron, GGT
  • Histamine, Whole Blood
  • Zinc/Copper, serum
  • Thyroid panel: TSH, FT3, FT4, TT4
  • TPO Ab
  • Serum B-12
  • Serum Folate
  • Plasma Ammonia
  • Homocysteine
  • Ferritin, TIBC, Iron
  • Urinary Pyrroles
  • Genova Organix OAT
  • Great Plains OAT
  • Biohealth 401H Comprehensive Stool pathogens w/ H pylori

*Available for US and UK practitioners. DHC currently does not offer blood testing services in Canada.

Bi-Monthly Support Webinars & Archive

When you purchase this course you will receive exclusive access to our bi-monthly Metabolic Healing Course Support Webinars hosted by Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA. These live webinars are an incredible resource for your clinical practice. During the webinar Michael will:

  • Examine real case studies
  • Conduct a live Q&A session so you can have your difficult questions answered definitively
  • Interview top practitioners and share new clinical toolsets

Plus, you will receive access to  Video Archive containing the entire collection of support video calls. Over 35 hours of archived video case studies available.


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Metabolic Healing Practitioner Certification Credits

Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis course you receive 7 credits towards our 54 credit Metabolic Healing Clinical Training Program.

Meet your instructor

Michael McEvoy is the Founder of Metabolic Healing. He is the creator of 3 clinical training programs, as well as the creator of the Metabolic Healing Functional Blood Chemistry Analyzer and Nutrigenomics Reports.

He has spent the past decade studying a compendium of modalities, including: functional blood chemistry analysis, biochemistry, advanced nutritional therapies, genetics, methylation, nutrigenomics, classical herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Revici-based lipid therapies and has authored over 300 research based articles on these subjects.

Through unique educational and teaching endeavors, Michael's objective is to assemble a network of the world's top clinicians to meet the demands and challenges of 21st century functional medicine, and to implement the analytical tools and frameworks required.

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