[Free Webinar] How the Metabolic Healing Clinical Mentorship will Accelerate Your Clinical Practice

Join us for an informative 60-minute webinar to learn how the 1-1 mentorship with Michael McEvoy and Shawn Bean can catapult your clinical skills, while simultaneously helping more of your clients and patients with complex illnesses.

Friday, September 13th at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern), Replay video included.

The goals of the Metabolic Healing Clinical Mentorship program includes:


  • Amplifying your clinical skills especially when working with patients and clients with complex, chronic illness
  • Teaching you a multi-systems view of the physiology, the inter-related nature of physiological systems
  • Maximizing your clinical skills through functional lab test mastery: complex pattern recognition, & expertise with more than 200 biomarkers
  • Therapeutic protocol sequencing
  • Therapeutic Formulary: creating extensive 5-10 page PDF reports for your clients/patients