Blood Chemistry Analyzer

The Latest in Blood Chemistry Analysis

Functional Blood Chemistry Analyzer® Reporting System

The revolutionary reporting system and premier clinical tool for a precise, automated analysis of blood chemistry from a functional perspective.

Easy-to-understand report gives you useful data that you can use right away

Save time interpreting blood test data and developing protocols

Improve your clinical potency to add value and earning power to your consulting practice

Take the guesswork out of blood chemistry analysis
with this simple and practical tool.

The Functional Blood Chemistry Analyzer® reporting system is an extremely in-depth functional tool.

Effortlessly performs complex pattern analysis algorithms to discover and prioritize physiological imbalances

Automatically generates meaningful nutritional protocols, through the use of foods, vitamins, minerals and botanicals

Helps clinicians develop a deeper understanding of blood chemistry analysis with detailed descriptions and explanations in each report

One easy to read report.
No spreadsheets.

The Blood Chemistry Analyzer® is organized into 5 practical, easy to follow sections unlike other test analysis tools that only provide you hard to read spreadsheets to decipher yourself.

Each section offers in-depth explanations of the context and application of the markers, patterns, imbalances, and protocols.

We developed our system to be practical and educational.

Overview of Test Results

This section lays out all the individual blood chemistry markers, highlights the individual markers that are out of range, displays an overview of marker patterns, and summarizes the practitioner's clinical objectives.

Individual markers

Brief descriptions for each blood chemistry marker outside of optimal range and lists possible factors, including interfering drugs, which are known to affect the marker's status.

Patterns & symptoms

Descriptions and symptomatology for each of the identified physiological patterns. This reference section for clinicians allows you to better understand each pattern identified and obtain clinical correlations.

Recommendations & Protocols

This section reveals the recommended support protocols for your clients lifestyle and diet. This section also lists specific supplements to balance out of range markers and related follow-up testing that is recommended.

Technical Support

A reference section for practitioners to help understand the limitations of blood chemistry testing,  patterns among groups of blood chemistry factors, misunderstandings of laboratory reference ranges, and more.

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In this demo video, Metabolic Healing founder Michael McEvoy walks you through a real Blood Chemistry Analyzer® report

Using the Blood Chemistry Analyzer® system is easy...

Aquire your patient's raw blood test data

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Input your data

Follow the link in the email and input your data into the reporting system.

When you are finished with data input, your customized report will be sent immediately to the email address on file. You will have 24 hours to make an corrections if necessary. (You can make corrects up to 4 times within the first 24 hours after the initial test is ran.)

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