Amino Acid L-Taurine Powerfully Protective Against CVD: New Study Finds

In a recent study, the amino acids L-Taurine has been found to be powerfully protective against the development of cardiovascular disease with Type 1 Diabetics. In similar studies conducted by the FMD, L-Taurine was found to increase nitric oxide in asymptomatic young smokers. The study concluded that L-Taurine supplementation resulted in significant reversal of blood

High Blood Pressure: Causes & Solutions

Hypertension affects millions of people. It is characterized as chronically elevated blood pressure. There are numerous, conventional treatments for hypertension including Calcium Channel Blockers (CCB’s), ACE drugs, Beta Blockers, Angiotensin antagonists and thiazide diuretics. There are many side effects with blood pressure lowering medication and patients should be educated as to the potential risks. Calcium

Radioactive Friday Night Sushi? U.S. Still Importing Fish & Seafood From Japan

Despite the continuous emission of radiation being released from the Fukushima power plant in Japan, The U.S. is still continuing to import fish, seafood, vegetables and other foods from Japan, from the regions that are most exposed to radiation! Although conflicting reports are saying that the U.S. government is monitoring radiation levels in fish, reports