Healing The Intestines: Returning to the Use of Traditional Food As Medicine

Healing gut and intestinal mucosal barrier function is about normalizing the intestinal flora. It is a fact that 80% of the immune defenses of the body is the intestinal bacteria. A healthy gut immune system contains approximately 100 trillion microorganisms.  These microorganisms are the body’s first line of defense against pathogens, and pathogenic infections. Additionally,

The Dangers Of High Heat Cooking

Cooking foods at high temperatures can result in the production of numerous volatile carcinogens. Additionally, cooking foods at high temperatures can significantly denature the food that is about to enter your body, reducing its nutritive value. Several nutrients are extremely heat labile and this includes several amino acids and essential vitamins. Barbeque & Frying The

Minerals: Electrolytes, Blood Sugar, Hormones & Antioxidants

Minerals are the pervasive and ubiquitous catalysts for cellular functions. Some minerals function to increase the electrical potential of cells. Other minerals function as metalloenzymes, which then can act as enzyme reactors in cells, signal transducers and messengers. In human nutrition, minerals play pivotal roles in the body’s multitude of functions. Aberrations in mineral activity,