Serum Albumin & Disease: Free Fatty Acids, Blood Clotting, Oxidation & Beyond

Emerging scientific research is leading to breakthroughs in the understanding of albumin, the most abundant serum protein. This research links together many of albumin’s diverse roles in human physiology and disease states. This includes albumin’s critical roles in: redox and antioxidant biology, acute inflammation, hemostasis, osmotic fluid regulation, and cellular energy metabolism. This article is

EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome): Natural Treatment Options That Are Working

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, referred to as EDS, is a congenital connective tissue disorder that often presents with numerous complications. EDS is diagnosed as a genetic condition that affects different types of collagen, and connective tissue constituents. Joint hypermobility is a common characteristic finding of most forms of EDS. Aberrant and deficient connective tissue can lead to

Heptanoic Acid: It’s Therapeutic Potential & Insights Derived from Emanuel Revici, MD

In a 1992 patent by Emanuel Revici, MD, heptanoic acid is referenced as a viable treatment for AIDS (1). Accordingly, 3 odd-carbon fatty acids are discussed, pentanoic (C-5), heptanoic (C-7), and nonanoic (C-9). According to this patent, Revici claims that these 3-odd carbon fatty acids (especially heptanoic) “exhibit not only anti-HIV virus effects, but also

Lupus Alternative Treatments

Lupus: Genetics, Disease Markers & Potential Alternative Treatments

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a rheumatic autoimmune disease. Heal your body. Learn the best tests, genetic information, natural treatments, lifestyle factors and supplements. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE is a potentially life threatening, rheumatic autoimmune disease. This article serves as a resource for individuals who would like to understand the most important testing, genetic

Parasites Lost: Helminths, Pleiotropy, and The Prevention of Dementia

This article was originally published by Holistic Primary Care, Volume 22 No.4; November, 2021. The Holistic Primary Care published article can be viewed at this link. Our ability to link specific genetic features with particular diseases is among molecular biology’s greatest achievements. But there’s a downside to that scientific triumph: it has oversimplified the picture

Maladaptive Genetics: Evolutionary Mismatches, Helminthic Therapy & Complex Disease in the Modern Era

The concept of Evolutionary Mismatches was first expounded on by Ernst Mayr in the 1940’s. That is, certain inherited traits that were once advantageous have become maladaptive in a different or changed environment. The concept of Evolutionary Mismatch is central to understanding the genetic involvement with the rising tide of complex, chronic disease in the

Biological Plasticity, Cell Danger Signaling & Symptom Management: Where To Draw the Line?

There’s a fine balance between treatment and non-treatment. Philosophically I verge more on the side of conservative and “less is more treatment” for many reasons. My current philosophy in these regards is based upon the potential adverse effects of pharmaceuticals, and of the assault I believe many drugs have on memory-based physiological processes, also known