Blood Chemistry MASTER COURSE

Instructor Michael McEvoy FDN, CMTA, CNC

Michaelis the Founder & CEO of Metabolic Healing, Inc., a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN), as well as a Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor (CMTA) and Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC). Michael is also on the FDN staff as head of Research and Development.

The Most Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Course Available Today

In this extensive presentation of material, I've assembled the most relevant, and fundamentally essential components to functional blood chemistry analysis. In its entirety, this 20+ hour interactive course:

  • Delves into the Nuts & Bolts of Nutritional Physiology, extensively covering fundamental aspects related to: liver detoxification & functions, kidney functions, methylation and cardiovascular disease, hormone axis balance, immune functions, inflammatory signaling pathways, and numerous other aspects of nutritional physiology
  • Teaches functional, ideal ranges for individual markers found on a: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC, Lipid Panel & Thyroid Panel
  • Teaches you how to identify 31 Functional Blood Chemistry Patterns of Imbalance
  • Aids the clinician towards identifying the clinical correlation of symptoms that are strongly associated with each blood chemistry pattern
  • Illuminates numerous examples of sample blood test results, highlighting the fundamental patterns of imbalance present
  • Identifies the appropriate follow-up testing, which is then used to cross-correlate your functional blood test analysis findings
  • Teaches how to support and maintain health through the implementation of properly applied nutritional therapies

Additionally, you receive my Fundamental Blood Chemistry Analysis Clinician's Manual, which includes a listing of every blood chemistry factor discussed in the course, PLUS several additional blood chemistry markers, which will assist your clinical investigative journey. You will also receive my Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for protocol implementation, which is based upon the analysis of the 31 blood chemistry patterns taught in the course.



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Module 1

7 Lessons
4.5 Hours

Module 2

32 Lessons
16 Hours
Intermediate to Advanced
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Nuts & Bolts of Nutritional Physiology

This 4.5 hour interactive course is an excellent dissection of many fundamental, physiological processes and their relevance in nutrition and health.

This is an excellent course for:

  • those looking to become nutritional or health-oriented practitioners

  • for the non-practitioner who is deeply interested in learning the nuts and bolts of nutritional physiology

  • the practitioner who is eager to learn deeper aspects of how the body works and what can go wrong


Included in Nuts & Bolts Of Nutritional Physiology:

  • Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Cellular Hydration & Dehydration

  • Crash Course On Digestive Functions & Hypochlorhydria

  • Liver Functions: Detoxification pathway analysis

  • Renal Functions: Detoxification, Blood Pressure & Renin Angiotensin System

  • pH Homeostasis: Renal, Respiratory, Dietary Influences

  • Cardiovascular Health: Nitric Oxide, Homocysteine & MTHFR Methylation Pathway Analysis

  • Hormonal Modulation: HPA/HPT Endocrine Axis

  • Immune-Related Functions: Types of Immune Cells, Eicosanoid Modulation, GI Mucosal Immunity

  • Skeletal Integrity

  • Common Nutrient Deficiencies: Dietary Protein, B-12/Folate, B-6, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorous, Sodium/Potassium, Iron, Molybdenum

Functional Blood Chemistry & Nutritional Analysis

This is the premier Functional Blood Chemistry & Nutritional Analysis course. This [16-hour] interactive course is designed to teach you the skills necessary to understand and interpret a routine blood test from a functional perspective. Additionally, you will learn the correct application of nutritional intervention to improve, maintain and sustain healthy biological functions.

This is an outstanding course for:

  • The functional health professional, personal trainer, corrective exercise coach, acupuncturist, nutritional consultant, Metabolic Typing® Advisor, doctor, or other healthcare provider

  • Those seeking to understand how to interpret the many components of blood chemistry

  • Those seeking to understand the role of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis in nutritional therapies


Included In the Functional Blood Chemistry and Nutritional Analysis Course:

  • Nuts & Bolts Of Nutritional Physiology Course

  • Analysis Of 4 Blood Chemistry Categories: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, CBC, Thyroid Panel

  • Dissection & In-depth Discussion of 48 Individual Blood Chemistry Markers & Their Ideal, Functional Ranges for US & SI Units

  • In-depth Presentation Of 30 Functional, Physiological Blood Chemistry Patterns & Recommendations for Related Follow-up Testing

  • Extensive Presentation On Nutritional Intervention For Related Blood Chemistry Markers & Patterns

  • 115-page Fundamental Blood Chemistry Analysis Clinician’s Manual, downloadable as a PDF – used as course guide and resource

  • QRG (Quick Reference Guide) for Protocols
  • Exclusive membership for unlimited access to view course videos online


Upon successful completion of each module with satisfactory grade, you will receive a Certificate of Completion

Module 1

1. Symptoms & Causal Factors - 33:25
2. Digestive Presentations & Liver Functions - 33:55
3. Renal Functions - 29:49
4. Cardiovascular Health- 32:10
5. Endocrine Functions- 56:42
6. Bone and Skeletal Integrity- 30:37
7. Common Nutrient Deficiencies- 22:26

Module 2

1. Introduction- 32:05
2. Metabolic Panel- 33:41
3. Metabolic Panel (cont.)- 31:40
4. Metabolic & Lipid Panel - 36:01
5. Lipid and CBC panel- 25:23
6. CBC & Thyroid Markers - 20:43
7. Intro to Pattern Alaysis - 24:59
8. Blood Sugar Handlin & Dehydration - 35:02
9. Digestive & G.I. Functions - 25:04
10. Digestive & G.I. (cont.) - 25:51
11. Liver Functions - 42:23
13. Liver Functions (cont.) & Renal Functions - 27:38
14. pH Modulation - 28:39
15. Endocrine Functions - 45:48
16. Endocrine Functions (cont.) & Inflammatory Markers - 35:45
17. Inflammatory Markers (cont.) - 31:02
18. Skeletal Integrity & Patterns of Immune Function- 35:35
19. Common Nutrient Deficiencies- 36:12
20. Common Nutrient Deficiencies (cont.) - 38:34
21. Combining Patterns - 20:36
22. Intro to Protocol Initiation - 38:59
23.Blood Sugar Handling - 25:40
24. Dehydration & Digestive Markers - 36:51
25. Digestive & G.I. Presentations - 27:58
26. Liver Function Protocols - 44:58
27. Renal Insufficiency & pH Balance - 28:26
28. Endocrine Functions - 24:52
29. Endocrine Functions (cont.) - 25:56
30. Inflammation- 36:17
31. Inflammation (cont.), Skeletal & Immune Support- 35:38
32. Immune Support (cont.) & Common Nutrient Deficiencies - 38:54
33. Examples of Protocol Initiation - 18:45
34. Final Exam
David Vaughn, CNCEO FoodPharmacy Software
“Michael has impressed me as one of the new generation of clinical nutritionists who is actually doing his homework and also working in the trenches along with us old school CN’s. He is a shining example of the new guard. He has great enthusiasm and intelligence and has surpassed his earlier mentors with his skills.”
James Jordan, JD, CNC, CMTA
Michael McEvoy is in his own class as far as students I’ve trained in microscopy and nutrition. Michael combines a deep knowledge of nutrition and health with a tremendous passion to help people learn how to heal themselves. Michael has an amazing ability to integrate new information into his nutrition and wellness programs and the intuition of how to apply this knowledge to each person he works with. He has given me the greatest gift a teacher could receive, he has become an exceptional teacher himself and has helped many people improve their health.