Meet Our Team

Meet the Metabolic Healing Clinical Nutrition Experts

The mission of Metabolic Healing is to facilitate the organic evolution of all people toward our highest level of health and well-being.  We facilitate this through the implementation of services and education which are based in ecological and scientific disciplines.  Our foundation is built upon the core values of integrity, inspiration, creativity, collaboration, intelligence, sustainability, and education.

We strive to empower you

Our goal at Metabolic Healing is to educate you about the many facets of living a holistic lifestyle, and to empower you with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about your own whole health.  We intend to increase your prosperity of mind and body resources.

We believe that by providing you with up-to-date , relevant, and testable educational materials (through our article database, coaching,  and  products), we can help each and every one of you to become your own health practitioner.  At the very least, we will empower you to be able to have a real conversation with your health care professional about your individual nutrition and health needs.

Our practitioner training products are designed to educate health care professionals with unique, practical, scientifically sound, and holistic methods for assessing and providing guidance to their client base. We want to help health care professionals break though the common roadblocks which prevent them from seeing whole picture with their client's health by providing cutting-edge ideas and practices.