Exploring The Stress Response: HPA Axis, Nutrition, Emotions & The Limbic System

Endocrine dysfunction is becoming increasingly more common. Thyroid conditions are epidemic. Adrenal exhaustion is all too common. There are a plethora of approaches to healing, restoration and regeneration of the endocrine system. However it should be pointed out that correcting these issues are often complex, take a good deal of patience and attention to detail.

Herbal Botannicals Quell The Unregulated Inflammatory Cascade: COX & LOX Inhibitors

Inflammation is what initiates destruction of tissues. Inflammation that is unregulated and out of control is a primary cause of autoimmune activity, pain and inflammatory tendencies. The body’s own immune cells initiate the primary cascades of inflammation in the body through the production of what are called eicasanoids. Eicasanoids are what are referred to as lipid

Lipotropics & Liver Detoxification: Are You Deficient?

The lipotropic nutrients wield a tremendous and critical influence upon the liver’s ability to function. Lipotropic factors include an array of important nutrients, such as the essential sulphur-bearing amino acid methionine, the B-vitamins choline and inositol, as well as the potent methyl-donating nutrient betaine. L-Methionine Many people may be deficient in lipotropic nutrients due to

Purines: The Pivotal Nucelo Proteins In Metabolic Typing®

Purines are nucleo-proteins which have important roles in the genetic structures. When consumed from dietary sources, nucleo-proteins can have very significant roles in the body’s metabolic pathways. It is very important to point out that certain individuals have a tremendously increased need for purine-rich foods in their diet, while other individuals have a significantly decreased