Is Your Stomach Too Alkaline?

Alkalosis is just as pathological as acidosis. Many people are totally misunderstood and not correctly informed on the issue of acid and alkaline homeostasis. All metabolic homeostatic control systems in the body exist and function in a “negative feedback loop” which follow the principles of dualism. Many clinicians, naturopthas, dieticians and nutritionists assert that it is

Degeneration, Disease & Sickness: Grim But Honest Forecast for Future Generations

Weston A. Price, DDS unequivocally demonstrated the power that food has on human health more than 70 years ago. The native people that he studied and lived with, who maintained an ancestral diet, were the healthiest cultures anywhere on earth, virtually free of all disease. And those cultures who adopted modernized eating habits exemplified significant

Insights Into Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is not bone loss. Rather it is the catabolic disintegration of the collagen matrix that holds bone together. Tens of thousands of post menopausal women take calcium supplements to “prevent” or “reverse” the onset of osteoporosis. Yet osteoporosis has almost nothing to do with a calcium deficiency and most of this supplemental calcium ends