Here’s What This Incredible Lab Test Can Show You

The old hair tissue mineral analysis test is one of the best, most comprehensive biopsies for identifying numerous functions in the body, imbalances, and heavy metal toxicity. This test is equipped at identifying inflammatory and anti-inflammatory tendencies, adrenal function, estrogen/progesterone/testosterone status, thyroid status, calcium dynmaics, energy expenditure and so much more. The hair is a

Anti-Aging: How This Powerful Antioxidant Protects From Devastating Toxicity & Free Radicals

We’ve all heard about them. Many of us have bought into the hype. Some of us have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on products. Some people have experienced remarkable health benefits and have stories to share. Other people have wasted their money. I’m talking about antioxidants. Some statistics indicate that the antioxidant industry generates

What Your Excessive Appetite is Telling You: Getting Off the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

If you get hungry every 2-3 hours after eating a meal, you are not nourishing yourself properly. Frequent hunger and increased appetite is strongly indicative of de-regulated blood sugar  (glucose) levels. Stabilizing your glucose levels is one of the fundamentally most important things you need to do to secure stable metabolism, efficient energy production and