The Putrid Truth About Pasteurized & Homogenized Dairy

Every since Louis Pastuer’s fictitious ‘Germ Theory of Disease’, western culture has become terrified of germs and bacteria. Modern medicine is still based upon this outdated, incomplete and unproven theory. Many of Pasteur’s contemporary opponents such as Antoine Bechamp disproved Pasteur’s theories about the nature of disease and the role of germs.Because of the adaptation

Thyroid Health

Last week I wrote an article on how hypothyroidism can be directly caused by depleted adrenal glands. We looked at causative factors such as: Toxicity such as mercury and fluoride Nutritional Deficiencies Elevated Cortisol and CRH due to stress How Do You Know if You Have a Possible Thyroid/Adrenal Issues? Weight Issues: Either Difficulty Losing