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Meet Your Clinical Nutrition Experts

Michael McEvoy & Julie Sands


Welcome, we're so happy you are here.

We share a philosophy about integrative health care. For us, it's about creating a real relationship with you, and getting to the root causes of your problems, not just dealing with symptoms.

Recovering from complex health challenges can be an enormous undertaking. That is why we guide you through a step-by-step process, investigating the patterns & core causes of your challenges. We use only the most relevant, functional, non-invasive testing, and we educate you on how to get well and stay well.

To our clinical nutrition practice, we bring a combined 44 years of professional dedication and tens of thousands of hours of practice, all for the purpose of serving YOU.

We are so happy that you are on this path to healing and we look forward to talking with you!

- Michael & Julie

We expect incredible results with our clients

We guide all kinds of healing programs, from those with chronic illness, to those improving their nutrition, to world class athletes
We deeply investigate core biochemical imbalances, rather than recommending a 'one size fits all' nutrition or therapeutic plan
We believe in using the minimum effective treatment, which means that we seek practical solutions and never over-test you

Let us know how we can help you reach your health goals

From Our Happy Clients

I was experiencing recurring bouts with Gout in both feet... The pain was almost debilitating, not to mention very frustrating as I have 2 young children to look after and care for. Making matters a bit more complicated, I received a kidney transplant in Dec. 2008 so there were special circumstances that had to be considered when crafting my personal diet and nutrition plan.

In the 4 weeks since our first meeting, I lost 15lbs and felt better and healthier than ever. The Gout attacks had subsided. This was truly a total lifestyle change for me. Not only am I eating better, but my family is eating better. And for that I am eternally grateful to Michael.

Brandon C

Since taking the time to sit down with Julie and go through the Metabolic typing process, my life has changed for the better. My results were laid out in an easy to reference format, helping my shopping and meal preparation go smoothly.

I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds of excess weight (yes, 20!) I had been carrying around for years – My stamina and energy are endless – I simply feel better, healthier and more at peace with myself than I have in over a decade. Thank you Julie!

Marianna P

Our Practitioner Courses and Products

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The revolutionary reporting system and premier clinical tool for a precise, automated analysis of blood chemistry from a functional perspective.

Easy-to-understand report gives you useful data that you can use right away
Save time interpreting blood test data and developing protocols
Improve your clinical potency to add value and earning power to your consulting practice

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